Venus transit In Taurus – March 2020


Venus, the planet of peace, contracts, love, beauty, partnership and luxury entered its own sign (Taurus) on 28th March,2020 and will remain in this zodiac till August 1st, 2020.

Person with a strong Venus is well dignified, soft and effeminate, fond of the fair sex, and his greatest ambition will be to enjoy jis company and relationship.

Taurus is the natural second house of a birth chart and represents face, family, wealth/savings, mind and speech. When Venus transits Taurus it shows sweet pleasures (Venus) of luxurious Wealth and valuable knowledge (Taurus). For both genders, the lover-partner should have a diplomatic and financially privileged mate.

Let us check the impact of this Venus transit on your moon sign.

Aries Moon Sign

You will get financial benefit. If you invest wisely at this time, you will make good profit from it. The total wealth/savings of the family will increase. This shows an increase in income, and other incremental gains. You will get good family time and also do good work for your family. 

Taurus Moon Sign

With the influence of Venus, your personality will attract others towards you. You will also experience bliss in married life. You will maintain a good partnership with others. This transit of Venus shows good energy and optimism for you too.

Gemini Moon Sign

Your happiness will increase. However, in the meantime your expenses are also likely to increase. You need to plan for next one year. Going for a hurry without proper planning will add to the adversity of the month.

Cancer Moon Sign

You will progress in your workplace. You will get good results in the field of education. Your interest in artistic and creative works will also benefit you. The level of happiness and peace will increase in your life. This will start increasing income and overall gains. Overall it is going to be a wonderful time.

Leo Moon Sign

Try to have peaceful relations with others during this transit. Your image in society will be improved. You can achieve power and strength by the support of your coworkers in your workplace. There will be some stress that can be managed by patience.

Virgo Moon Sign

Changes and promotion in the job are likely. This change will be according to your wish. If you are from the creative field then this transit will give you success.  The optimism in your life will increase with the start of new tasks. Your fortune regarding trading and business will improve and and cash flow will increase.

Libra Moon Sign

Your expenses will increase. Father’s health needs care. So take care of them. Do not sit on luck, but believe in karma. As Venus is a benefic planet it shows some easy and sudden gain of wealth. However, some hard work is required. Some hidden knowledge could help earn money.

Scorpio Moon Sign

Married life will be good. Spouse will be happy with you. If there are any challenges in married life, they will be sorted. Partnership in business may be the best decision.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

There can be an increase in the number of enemies. Also take care of your health. It will be necessary to treat women well or else they may cause problems. During this time your spouse’s health needs care.  This also recommends caution with romantic stuff. 

Capricorn Moon Sign

There will be an increase in happiness in your love life. Love life will grow. If you are thinking of pursuing higher education you will get good results. You will also get happiness from children. Your creativity will be good for and will produce some inspirational and original work.

Aquarius Moon Sign

There will be an increase of peace and happiness in your domestic life. Love will increase among family members. During this time there is also a possibility of buying a gadget or a vehicle and you will pay special attention to the furnishing of your home. You will do some brainstorming and get peace of mind and rejuvenation.

Pisces Moon Sign

Your respect will increase in society. Your fortunes will improve, due to which your pending tasks will be completed. The tasks which were stuck for a long time, will also be completed now, which will strengthen you mentally. You will get relief from stress and good money will also be earned. This transit is also goodfreelance work.

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