Venus Transit in Aries – Effects on Your Horoscope, 29th Feb 2020

Venus in Transit

On the last date of this month, the planet of harmony, agreements, love, beauty, relationship, and pleasure, Venus will enter the sign of Mars (Aries) on 29th February 2020 and will remain in this zodiac till March 28th, 2020.

Like Jupiter, Venus is also a Guru and a benefic planet. However, unlike Jupiter, that shows one to many teaching or relationships. Venus represents one to one relationship between opposites and pairs.

Aries is the natural first house of a birth chart and represents new innovation, vitality and pioneering. When Venus transits Aries it shows pleasures (Venus) of Vital Activity (Aries). For both genders, the lover-partner should have an athletic and youthful appearance in this transit. You will find your mate having some new start.

Let us see how the impact of this transit of Venus will affect your moon sign.

Aries Moon Sign

There will be an increase in happiness and luxuries in your life. You will get chances to visit beautiful places. You will also get the benefits of married life. However, you will also have an attraction to buying costly items. This transit brings a good period for meeting new people.

Taurus Moon Sign

You will experience some financial gains. If you are single, then you may get chances to initiate a romantic and sensual relationship with someone. However, you need to control your expenses while traveling. 

Gemini Moon Sign

This will give you good results regarding domestic matters and relationships. If you are stuck in financial troubles, you are likely to get out of it. You will experience a good social life. Your image will be good among your circle as you are likely to achieve a better position and status in life. You will experience cooperation with your friends. 

Cancer Moon Sign

It gives mental stress and worries, disputes, hurdles at work, recurrent failures, and problems from the government as well. You may want to be cautious about finances as there are chances of incurring debt or loans. You should also avoid any disputes with your spouse to maintain peace in your married life.

Leo Moon Sign

You will get gains from government, the possibility of pilgrimage or travel to a religious place, auspicious ceremony at home, and improvement in fortune. You will enjoy a positive bonding with your partner and attain a lot of peace of mind too. This period also indicates success in education. Health remains satisfactory. You will be more inclined towards religious pursuits. Also, others will notice your engagement in virtuous activities.

Virgo Moon Sign

This will help you mitigate troubles in life and alleviate monetary gains and happiness. You will get the comfort of having houses, attendants and a rich spouse. You will experience success in love matters. You are likely to get a company of an attractive partner and chances of such happenings are more if you are a male. Students begin to invest more effort into their studies. You may in fact purchase or renovate landed property or house too.

Libra Moon Sign

Challenges regarding planning leaves and travel can be there during the Venus Transit. You need to take care of relatives. You will get opportunities to feed relatives and get happiness. This also shows some distress to spouse or conflicts with them, and hurdles in earning money. Take care of the expenditure. Dissatisfaction in love matters can cause some trouble. Some recognition or reward from bosses or seniors is very likely during this period.

Scorpio Moon Sign

There can be challenges related to enemies and some fear regarding health issues. Avoid having arguments with your spouse. Venus transit here suggests rather avoid long-distance trips. Check vehicle air pressure and maintenance. You may need to work hard regarding your honor and dignity.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

It brings happiness related to kids and creativity. You will get satisfaction in life during this Venus transit. It also ensures success in exams, more entertainment opportunities, romantic encounters with partners, and profit from gambling or speculation. Everyone will treat you very well. You are likely to fall for someone very special during this period. There will be an increase in the level of attraction towards people of the opposite sex.

Capricorn Moon Sign

As Venus is a yoga karaka planet for you therefore, there are good possibilities to acquire wealth, renovate the property, and vehicles. It also promotes good relations with relatives and mental peace. An increase in income from property, name & fame, happiness in the family, sound health, and material comforts come with this Venus transit. You will spend some quality time with your spouse and children and will enjoy the company of the opposite sex. You will make new friends and have a liberal lifestyle.

Aquarius Moon Sign

You will get comfort and relaxation from traveling to new places.  You will get respect from others. It also shows gains from friends, growth of the business, victory over enemies and opposition, rise in fortune, the arrival of good news, and gains from the government. You will enjoy some quality time with your siblings and would have a good social life. You are likely to spend time indulging in hobbies and creative pursuits such as music, arts, etc. Venus here gives authority, power, prosperity, rise in position and luxuries.

Pisces Moon Sign

Your inclination towards family increases. You will find yourself more attracted to your mate. There will be opportunities with family, monetary profits and gains from the government. You are likely to spend your money on purchasing gems and ornaments during this time. Love affairs keep flourishing during the transit and matters connected to the opposite sex also observe success.

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