Universe: As above, So below

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This ancient dictum is the basis of all esoteric science. What is in the universe is a representation of what we have on earth.

Physics evolved basis this dictum; and what we learn from quantum physics; is applied to understand the universal phenomena. What Astrology does is; apply universal phenomena to our existence on earth.

We exist in a perfectly balanced universe. All phenomena ruled by a cause-effect theory and what happens in Universe is not a standalone event. What causes them above will have an impact on everything below i.e. from subatomic to galaxies.

Universe is our “Alma mater” 

When a person is born, the existence of universe; at that moment is representation of body; and mind. Physical laws operate; on universe will have the same impact on all; which is the cause of all actions; and the effect will depend on the entity. As all know; the same force cannot result in the same effect on everything. It is much dependent; on individual constitution; of the subject. Astrological rules are based on this principle; and taking unique identity of individual; provides the effect of a universal cause on them.

Taaraka takes the birth details; like “place of birth, time of birth and date of birth”; and calculate the universal representation; on the individual during birth. It assess the physical; emotional and spiritual composition of a person; and uses the astrological principles; to decode; the life path; of the individual.

Taaraka uses the principles of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence on the astrological principle and universal phenomena coupled with unique identity of individual to provide the customised insights.

Put stars in your pocket. Try the Taaraka app and let us know how you feel about it.

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