These Zodiac Signs Are Way More Fun Than All the Others

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A sense of humor is one of the characteristics that we like most about people. Or are you going to deny me that you love to spend a lot of time with those friends who make everything look ten times more Fun? Sure, many people are funnier than others, and that has something (or a lot) to do with the Zodiac sign they were born under. Why? Because their personality helps them see life differently: much more optimistic and fun. 

Keep reading to know the funniest signs of the Zodiac (will you be in them?)


Aries is an outgoing sign that loves to expose themselves, meet new people and have a good time. And although they are always busy, even takes time to have Fun due to their hectic schedule on weekends.


Gemini knows very well how to have Fun and makes every moment count. They love adventures and going a bit crazy, especially when they feel that things are getting boring, they hold a habit of spontaneity to make it incredibly funny. 


Although Leo is a little dramatic at times, that does not make them less entertaining. In fact, it is a sign willing to have Fun no matter what that may imply. Of course, with them, it is likely that things are very crazy and unforgettable. When you see a Leo, you think they are the most introverted people, but when they take confidence, they show that they are not. They can even be the funniest among the Zodiac.

They are true specialists when it comes to organising parties; they are excellent hosts and have a great imagination.


With a Sagittarius, every day is Fun; you always have time to play. They are risky and adventurous person, which makes them an incredible partner for mischief. They are always looking to explore and push people out of their comfort zone. Their good Energy and positivism are contagious, so whenever you are next to someone who was born under this sign you can smile.


Capricorn loves challenges, so when someone challenges them to do something new and exciting, they always accept. It is a sign that seeks time to have Fun because they know that life will become boring. Adrenaline is the biggest drug to Capricorn personalities.


Spending time with family and friends is something that Pisces always does. Living life is your motto and, therefore, tries to have fun every moment. This sign has a great imagination and loves to use it without thinking about the consequences or how far it can take. 


If you need to spend a pleasant and enjoyable time, then look for a Scorpio person. They tend to be serious when it comes to work, but when it’s time to have Fun; Scorpio manages to get out his funny side.

If your sign is not among the funniest of the Zodiac, do not suffer. Just try to surround yourself with them. You will enjoy life much more! 

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