The Role of Astrologer in Society

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Astrology and astrologer has been a part of our lives for a long time. We take the help of astrology to get the necessary guidance in our lives. Sometimes, astrology helps us in our life plans with the predictions using horoscopes. The major part of astrology in modern society is devoted to the future predictions and life management. However, clearly, there is much more than this in astrology.

If we put it simply then astrology is the analytical system that has been utilised since ancient times. We can find its references in #Vedic and historical literature. It is sometimes said that astrology is just like the core spirit of Indian society because it has been a part of our lifestyle from prehistoric times.

Roles of astrology 

We all know the fact that #astrology has always been a system of predictions and data analysis. However, there have been many changes in the process of astrological evaluation along with the time. The ancient astrology and modern astrology have many differences. In fact, we can say that they have become a completely different version of astrology. 

Astrologers in ancient times

In ancient times, around the 7th century, the role of an astrologer was to predict life events, auspicious muhurta for any event, #horoscopes and natural changes in the world. The astrologers used to calculate the different aspects of our environment to predict the weather. These predictions used to help people understand the time of harvesting, fishing, crop sowing, water reserve management, and hunting, etc. 

With the advancement of time, astrologers developed their analytical system to expand its astrological capabilities. The use of mathematical practices and methodologies were developed in astrology before the 4th century. It helped astrologers to calculate the more advanced future possibilities and they were able to make necessary predictions as well. 

From that period, there were several developments in astrology. Ephemerides became part of astrology and astrologers became a scientist of natural science and predictions. Ephemerides was the advance calculations of astrology that used celestial navigation and astronomical data for astrological evaluation. 

With the help of Ephemerides, the analysis was much easier and accurate. Therefore, the role of astrologers in ancient times were not limited to any specific area, they were guide or scholar of everyone. With the passing time, the astrologers became capable of doing much more than anyone could expect from astrology. 

Astrologers in modern times

Astrologers in ancient times were not priests but scholars. The Ephemerides were highly complex astrological analysis and calculation system that was used in ancient astrology which required high-level mathematical understanding and perfection. Therefore, astrology was much more complex than it is now. 

Due to its complex nature, the use of astrology became hard for general people. The modern people were not accustomed to the complex nature of astrologer’s calculations. In modern times, people were more interested in the analysis and calculations that can be understood easily so that they can approve and understand the facts that have been stated to them. 

Unlike the ancient era, modern times made people more curious about the calculations and they believed in the simplification of the process so that everyone can understand and utilize astrology. Therefore, the astrology now is much simpler and quicker than it used to be. 

in the present time, the main use of astrology is the prediction of future, life events, and horoscope analysis, etc. Today’s astrologers take the scientific approach to astrological calculations rather than depending on complex mathematical analysis. This has made astrology much easier for other people to understand and therefore, a high majority of modern people still follow the astrological systems. 

Astrologer’s perspective

When the time changed, expectations and requirements of general individuals became much different than they used to be. In that light, it is significant that people started to see the astrologers in a different form. 

Astrologer’s Perspective in Ancient Time

In ancient times, astrologers were the guide of the future and present. They were scholars of life for all individuals. Therefore, they held a big responsibility of managing the future and present. 

The suggestions and predictions from astrologers were given high-level importance. In some scenarios, it was like the word of king or queen itself. Astrologers were both the protector and guide of humanity. 

Astrologer’s Perspective in Modern Time

In today’s modern time, all astrologers are not scholars. They guide for a better life. They give you the guidance of the present and future with the help of their calculations. Scholars were a more standard version of astrologers where they used to give their final dictation for individuals. However, it has been simplified now. 

The role of an astrologer is to guide people in the path that is correct for them and to give them necessary information about their life, personality, prosperity and future that is not obvious. Astrologers of the present time give you the suggestion with the calculations. The implementation of the suggestions depends on the individual. It is the burden of the astrologers to elevate themselves to a level, where they should be seen as the ultimate guide for life.

Necessary Change with Time

Evolution has always been a part of development. However, sometimes drastic change in the system leaves some problems behind. That is exactly what we see with the astrologers in the present time. The time of evolution and simplification of astrology was certainly practiced with the aim to make it suitable for everyone. However, society is yet to embrace this change completely.

There are many instances where astrologers and their predictions are not considered as useful as they can be. This is because the simplified process seems too easy for general people to believe. However, it is the fact that the simplification process of astrology did not lose the original impact. mathematical calculations have been simplified and not the predictive science behind it. Therefore, it is important that people understand that the simplified process is for their benefit. However, the accuracy of predictions and its calculations is still the same.

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