Tenth House in Astrology and its Charisma

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An astrologer views the tenth house as the most powerful and strongest houses in a chart. In vedic astrology, they call it as Vishnu sthan too. Like ascendant, all planets pertaining to tenth house provides good results as per their lordship and significations. The tenth house is the most pious house of the chart and it represents the Karmas for which on is born in this world.

Significations of the 10th house:
CommerceTradeHonour from rulerRiding on horseWrestlingWork of/in the Government
ServiceAgricultureAmbitionFatherFameHidden Treasure
TeacherSelf-assertiveChanting of sacred mantrasFixity of purposeKneesMedicine
ReputationAdopted sonFirm determinationRight pathForegin TravelPilgrimage
Self ControlVictory in electionGiving orders to be obeyedExpert teaching abilityGood living with self respectExtensive religious merit

The significators of the tenth house are – Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Saturn. Mercury alone is the Karaka of tenth house, and mostly for business and commerce activities. Jupiter is a significator for growth, fortune and expansion. Sun is a significator for status, power and position while Saturn is a significator for livelihood and service.

Signs in 10th House

The top three signs which are considered as benefic and strong in tenth house are Aries, Taurus and Leo. If there is no planet sitting in the tenth house, the significations of signs placed in 10th house becomes very important. Fiery signs provide engineering, automobile, steel works, surgeons, soldiers, barbers and other kinds of profession. Earthy signs denotes economic, civil services and administrative jobs. Those also include food, mining, timber, agriculture and other related jobs. Airy signs provide possibilities of having professions of philosophers, writers, astrologers, lawyers, pilots, etc. Watery signs gives a tendency of jobs associated with liquid state such as dairy, shipping, laundries, merchant navy, fishing, marine engineering, etc.

Planets in 10th House

Favorably placed planets gives good results as per their lordship, significations, association and aspects of other planets. If a planet is posited in 10th house it would give the results of the house it is lord of. The 10th house is always recknoned not only from Lagna but also from Arudha Lagna, the Sun and the Moon. When several planets are placed in 10th house, both benefic and malefic, it gives the person an enviable position which is very unpredictable.

To further understand the charisma of 10th house, one should also study the results of tenth lord in various houses. One should also look into the various house lords in the 10th house. Any lord when posited in the 10th house increases the strength of its house manifold. Not only that, an astrologer should also do a detailed analysis of exchange of 10th lord with the lords of other houses.

In a nutshell, the tenth house indicates the karmas one can perform to earn livelihood, and to uplift one’s status in the society. The attributes of the 10th house can be considered as the outer expression of an inner impulse. Tenth house is also called as mid-heaven, where the Sun is at its highest glory. It represents royal patronage, profession and the Karma of the present incarnation.

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