Taaraka’s Perspective On COVID-19


Dear Friends,

Taaraka is in the pursuit of providing life insights for all, based on astrological patterns.

All of us are caught up in a sudden scenario where there is a humongous bombardment of message and communication regarding the pandemic. This has led to uncertainty and speculations, prevailing all around us. 

It was, therefore, imperative for us to guide you with some insights, especially for our patrons, who are so dear to us.

Consider if the following insights are helpful for you to plan in any manner and if it holds true, we would be glad for the opportunity to be of help to you and serve you in some manner. 

‘This pandemic is not for long to stay from a global health hazard point of view.’ Especially for India – it’s not that critical to cause ‘a major havoc’. The panic is definitely real and will raise the overall consciousness of everyone. 

We should see positive signs of this ‘pandemic recovery’ by the end of this month (April 1-2 to be more precise, to start with), and if not well starting positive recovery by then, at least by mid of April 15-16th. 

From Mid-April onwards, the situation would be progressively under control and will not be a ‘top of the mind issue’ in India as well as globally. 

This is when we would find a way to live through this well and start to resume towards normalcy.

It is our take whether we get an interim curative or preventive medical vaccination or learn to live with this phenomenon with precautions. However, concerning the overall economic perspective, ‘practicality will prevail’ over the panic syndrome of the world.

Even if all things fall in line, a resurgence of COVID-19 leftovers could happen possibly around 1st July. This is also a turning point for all the pandemic effects we would succumb to until then.

That’s how things are panning from an astrological perspective. 

This is not ‘the major death-causing worldwide kind of epidemic’. Infact, it is more of a call to everyone for some introspection, to develop self-awareness and evaluate how we are leading our lives.

From an economic perspective, in the short period of how things evolve between April to June 2020, will determine the trend of the times from Nov 2020 to Nov 2021. 

Regarding economic activity, if it reflects a sink or goes down and thereafter picks up or reflects an upward trend promptly between April-June, then we will be able to witness the same pattern in the long term. Consequently, if certain business domains are booming between April to June, they will continue to do so in the long term too.

Hope this insight provides you with some clarity. Taaraka is always there to guide you anytime. For more information, download the latest version of our App.

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