Taaraka: Putting the Stars in Your Pocket

We live in an age where information is literally at our fingertips. The ease of having any question answered within seconds or interacting with a plastic screen to get an idea of traffic density on the commute to work is convenience like we have never experienced before.

Although; a majority of the information is available over the internet, astrological information and its advice is still restricted to traditional formats.

Traditionally; and even today, one must set aside time to meet a qualified astrologer, and pay huge sums of money for advice; and most inconveniently, travel to meet their cosmic guide. Often, astrologers provide insights; about our lives in their presence. The convenience of a qualified expert by your side during times of crisis, or times when major decisions need to be made, and comes at a significant time; and monetary cost.

There are astrology apps; that will create your #astrological chart; or #kundli for you; still you require a professional; to interpret the data. Although; these applications can create your chart, they are unable to interpret data, and give you an advice, or answer questions or make you aware of the influence; and that certain celestial bodies have on your life. Often; your astrologer will refer to specific planetary positions; while giving you an advice. It is almost impossible to know; the full extent of the effects; even though you are qualified to interpret the astrological charts.

What; if there was a way to have your personal astrologer available to you at all times? What if, all questions about your life could be answered within a matter of minutes, at a time and place; that is convenient to you? What; if you had access to all this information, in plain english, minus the technical language; that usually accompanies astrological information?

If you agree; to any of the questions above; you are in the right place. Taaraka’s vision is to make astrological information available to everyone; in a language that anyone can understand.

Artificial Intelligence technology; has permeated nearly every layer of our lives; whether we are aware of it or not. Some of the most common applications of this technology include Machine Learning (ML), wherein computers, and devices and software perform cognitive tasks; similar to those performed by the human brain. One everyday example that employs ML; is commute prediction (GPS); and online transportation (Uber, Ola, and any other ride-share platforms).

The quest; for a solution through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI); in sifting through large quantities of data; is the ethos behind the creation of Taaraka Technologies. Our solution to these problems is a cutting edge platform; powered by an AI system; that focuses on correlation which will improve its accuracy over time.

An important distinction exists; between traditional western science; and Vedic Astrology. While the traditional scientific community; observes phenomena through the lens of cause and effect, the science of astrology lies within co-relating planetary positions to the occurrence of events by evaluating historical data.

Since; Vedic Astrology is the science; of correlation between planetary positions; and time based events, it made sense for us; to build a platform that provides you with astrological insights; based on this principle. The platform; takes shape as a powerful app that lives in your smartphone, and learns based on your input; and becomes more accurate over time as you agree or disagree; with the daily #horoscope / insights it provides. This is where the science of astrology meets the science of data analytics. The only information; you would need to provide is your name; email; date of birth place of birth; and time of birth. The algorithm along with our team of astrological and data science experts takes care of the rest.

As Taaraka; is made up of a powerful machine learning engine; and with a team of astrological experts behind the scenes; with your free daily insights, you may request; a one-on-one session with an expert at any time. Although; this personalised service is available for a nominal fee; and the rest of Taaraka’s services including the app itself remain free of charge.

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