Sun Transit in Pisces -14th March 2020


Bright and most powerful planet Sun will enter the sign of Jupiter (Pisces) on 14th March,2020 and will remain in this zodiac till April 13th, 2020.

Sun represents our soul, genius, charishma, career, father, government, bosses, eyes, self confidence etc. Sun is capable of showing qualities of all nine planets alone. A mild malefic rather a cruel planet. Like a father, government, or boss it takes some strict actions for the betterment of ourselves.

Pisces is the natural twelfth house of a birth chart and represents dreams, planning, private guidance and sanctuary. When Sun transits Pisces it shows the bright center (Sun) of sanctuary and dreams (Pisces). 

When sun enters Pisces it represents you as a dreamer, an imaginer. Our natural genius (Sun) seeks to be in the center of dreamlike, clairsentient, divinatory, meditative and reflective environments.

Let us see how the impact of this Sun Transit will affect your moon sign.

Aries Moon Sign

This Sun transit will be auspicious for you. You will become a virtuous person. It will give you success in good work. However, you may need to take care of your stomach, eyes and friends. You need to plan for the next 12 months. Things will be slow but all successful projects require some planning therefore you too need planning for gains in upcoming transits. You will work on these plans next month when Sun will enter Aries.

Taurus Moon Sign

This transit of Sun will lead to an increase in your income and will bring all sorts of incremental gains. There will be natural support for you from the government and also regarding legal issues. You will also get support from the father and seniors on almost all matters except few. It is the best time for you regarding any pending legal etc work done.

Gemini Moon Sign

This Sun transit will give you some sort of authority and there will be an increase in your power and overall a good jump in your career. Sun has a very good directional strength now for you and will help you to attain  success, victory, accomplishment, promotion, honor, pride, wealth, health, and good friends in this transit.

Cancer Moon Sign

This Sun transit will help you to start new things. The missing support from your bosses and seniors will be there for you now for the next three months. This is also a good time for you regarding your legal work etc. There are also chances of increase in your wealth, name and fame. However, relationships with friends need some care.

Leo Moon Sign

In this Sun transit, you should try to avoid conflicts. It is advised to tackle your seniors or bosses and government’s methods with tact and diplomacy. Do not argue in public and try to sort it in private. However, you will get much needed rest and rejuvenation in this period. It will be a time to revise and replan things that will give you good results in coming transits.

Virgo Moon Sign

This period is about partnerships rather than any sort of competition. There can be a decrease in your wealth and reputation. Therefore it is advised to take help of partners in challenging situations. There can also be some health issues like pain in the body while travelling. 

Libra Moon Sign

You will get success over your competition, Improvement in health and success overall and also an increase in your income. If you are facing any legal issues, then this period will be a relief for you. You will get rid of diseases, enemies, and other troubles.

Scorpio Moon Sign

You will find yourself engaged or busy in this transit. You will find yourself busy with some daily, hourly and weekly routine or assignments. Overall this period is about some strategic moves to achieve success. Quick go getter attitude is recommended in this period.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

This period will bring some changes and help you to get much needed help rest and rejuvenation. There will be a reduction in travel and help you take a break. Things will be slow and trying too hard will not help much. Spending time at home, vehicle improvement will help. 

Capricorn Moon Sign

You will get all round success, and opportunities to travel. New  initiative and new things will start. You will easily get approval from your bosses and government. You will have a visible impact on the surroundings. Your creativity will increase and will do inspirational and original work.

Aquarius Moon Sign

You will start getting some gains from the planning and work that you did in the past two months. There will be the start of some new income. This will be a much needed income for you. You should take care of your speech. Avoid any sort of harsh words to avoid conflicts.

Pisces Moon Sign

This Sun transit will give you some new energy, positivity and approval from authorities. There will be group & team events. You need to work hard and start working on your plans that you made last month. You will get incremental gains from this hard work in the coming month transit of Sun.

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