Significance of Ishta Devata in Astrology

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Do you know that Ishta Devata can also be deciphered from your horoscope using Vedic Astrology? Sanatan Dharma or how most people would like to put it “Hinduism” endorses the concept of Par-Brahman. One of its schools of philosophy called Advait Vedanta describes the supreme power as being formless “Nirguna Brahman”. While the ideas and description of the existence of the supreme power might differ from school to school but at the core, all would agree at the existence of energy or superpower which controls all events which take place in this materialistic world in which we thrive. 

In order to allow people to better relate to the complex concept of “Supreme Power,” different manifestations have been introduced to mankind which we prefer to call Devata and Devi. Every manifestation has a purpose or a domain which it supposedly practices control over or governs activities pertaining to it. Keeping up with the logic in Vedic astrology we have “Ishta Devata” a dedicated deity who helps individuals pacifying them to progress in life and attain Enlightenment.

It is to be highlighted that providing an Ishta Devata in Vedic Astrology to each zodiac sign was not done for any materialistic purposes and individuals of any ascendant or zodiac must not develop a notion that worshiping their Ishta Devata might help them in achieving materialistic gains or powers. The sole purpose of defining Ishta Devata was to encourage ascendants or people, in general, to channelize their energies in the right direction for which they need a point of focus. If your energies are channelized in the right direction, by worshiping your Ishta Devata then it is certain that you will rise above the conventional hullabaloo of this materialistic world and attain moksha. 

The process to ascertain Ishta Devata involves the D9 (Navmasa) which is also known as the chart of “Dharma”. Then further we take into account Karakamsa which is the AtmaKaraka’s sign placement in the D9 chart. The 12th house (the house of the emancipation of soul) from Karkamsa is used to ascertain the Ishta Devata. Hence, the involvement of the houses/charts of Dharma & Moksha signifies the relevance of ishta Devata in astrology. 

The exact method of Ishta Devata calculation is mentioned below: 

Step:1 – The planet with the highest degree is to be identified first in the D1 chart also known as Rashi or Lagna chart. To add further, the planet with the highest degree is called “AtmaKaraka” which acts as the guide of your soul and to put it differently the significator of soul. In the case of two planets having the same minutes then consider the planet with the higher seconds as the Atmakaraka. 

Step:2 – Once the Atmakaraka has been identified, move on to the D9 (Navmasa) chart and check the Rashi or sign in which the Atmakaraka is present. This placementin the D9 chart (Navamasa) is called the Karakmasha. 

Step:3 – Move 12 houses ahead of Karakmasha as ascertained in the D9 chart and assess the placement of planets in that house. This house is called the “Jivanmuktamsa” or the house which governs the emancipation of soul and helps you in attaining Moksha. 

On assessing the Jivanmuktamsa 1 out of the following three situations might arise: 

Case 1 – The house is occupied with one planet. 

Conclusion – The associated Devata will be the Ishta Devata 

Case 2 – The house is occupied with more than 1 planet 

Conclusion – We will have to consider all factors of Shadbala system, planetary wars etc. to assess which planet is the strongest and then the associated lord will be the ishta Devata. 

Case 3 – The house is empty 

Conclusion – Check for planetary aspects of the house, if some other planet has aspect on the house then its lord shall define the ishta Devata otherwise the Jivmuktamsa Rashi or Sign lord will help us in deciding the same. For more than one planet is aspecting, use the strongest planet out of them. 

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