Role Of Divisional Charts In Vedic Astrology

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The unique feature of #Vedic astrology is the use of divisional charts for understanding the various aspects of life. Divisional charts are created by dividing each sign in to a number of divisions and then assigning a sign and house to each position. The planets in a particular position are then placed according to the division in which it falls.

The importance of #divisionalcharts can be seen from the statement of Maharshi Parashar:

“no conclusion can be made on any horoscope without considering relevant divisional charts”

The sixteen divisions (ShodasVarga) which are important for major aspects of life are the followings

Lagna or Rashi chartD1Overall wellbeing 
HoraD2Wealth and prosperity
DrekkanaD3Brothers and sisters 
ChaturthamshaD4Luck and residence
NavamshaD9Spouse and inner self
DashamshaD10Career and Profession
DwadashamshaD12Father and the mother
ShodashamshaD16Pleasures and troubles from vehicles, horses, elephants etc
VimshamshaD20Spiritual pursuits
Sapta-VimshaD27Strength and weakness
TrimshamshaD30 Miseries and troubles
KhavedamshaD40Auspicious and inauspicious happenings
Aksha-VedamshaD45All things combined
ShashtyamshaD60All things combined

No astrological predictions should be made without looking into the relevant divisional chart and this is a mandate given by ancient sages of #astrology. The more one delves in it, more clarity on a native’s life can be ascertained. 

The strength of a planet cannot be calculated unless divisional charts are analyzed. The techniques of birth time rectifications are majorly based on the Divisional charts, as Lagna or ascendant chart changes in 2-2.5 hours, while some changes in few seconds too. 

The beauty of Vedic astrology lies in prediction based on #NatalChart, Divisional charts, transits, and #dasha. An expert astrologer always looks into divisional charts apart from Natal Horoscope to reach a conclusion. 

D9 or Navmansa is considered as the most important as it reflects the inner strength of a person and also the spouse. A person with a good navmansa chart can overcome every situation in his life and will not be perturbed by adversity. Likewise, the career of a person cannot be ascertained without looking at the Dasmansa Chart.

True predictions come from combining Natal chart with the relevant divisional chart and ignorance of this leads to an anomaly in predictions. 

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