Reintroducing Astrology With Technology

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People all around the world are living under constant stress due to the hectic lifestyle. In this hustle culture, we all crave inner peace. This has given a tremendous rise to the ‘spiritual and healing’ Industry in the last few years. In today’s technological era, smartphones have become man’s new best friend and there is an App for everything, even for monitoring our physical, mental and spiritual health. Business startups in multi-dimensional wellness, astrology & healing services, as well as apps, are currently dominating the market. According to new research, health and fitness apps are growing by over 330% in the last three years [1]. In fact, a report on health & wellness in India by FICCI and EY shows that the Indian wellness industry will jump up to INR 1, 50,000 crores by 2020 [2]. 

The most anxious generation of all times

One of the very important categories of the ‘spiritual and healing’ Industry is ‘astrology’. Astrology is getting more attention in recent times. More and more people are turning to it for finding answers about their lives. Recently it has gained tremendous popularity among millennial for two reasons – Advent of Internet age & the rising uncertainty in modern times. This generation is the most ‘anxious generation’ of all times. Astrology offers one thing about the future which we cannot find anywhere else – Assurance. In the midst of this chaotic life, astrology provides comfort and hope. Today everything is based on reasoning. We tend to believe that whatever happens in our lives happens for a specific reason, there is no coincidence in our lives. This is where astrology comes into the picture as it provides some answers to the most difficult questions about life and helps us to prepare ourselves for the better and the worse.

India’s spiritual market

An online report shows that India’s spiritual market, including astrology, has crossed $30 billion. In the last few years, astrology based startups are flooding the market [3]. The Indian youth is shifting its focus from conventional business start-ups to unconventional ventures like astrology. 

Co-star and Pattern are the leading Astro-based apps in the world. 

Ganeshaspeaks, one of the most successful Indian astrology based ventures, gets huge number of unique users each month. Another successful start-up is Astrosage, which is a successful brand in Astrology today.

Monkvyasa is also one of the ventures which were launched in Kerala. Shubh puja, a platform for authentic Vedic pujas, astrology, Vastu and spiritual products is also getting popular amongst Indians.  

And the big daddy of astrology+technology platforms

Entering this race, Taaraka is one of the most promising players, connecting AI to Ancient wisdom. Started by a bunch of experienced IITians from Bombay & funded by one of the renowned venture capitalist firms in India, this app aims at self-discovery. Taaraka uses NASA APIs to study the positioning of the stars and planets in the sky to make accurate predictions about your life. It further makes use of mathematical calculations, predictive modeling, regression techniques, and machine learning algorithms to provide personalized insights unique to every individual user. Just being a few months old, it has managed to successfully gain 50,000+ downloads and now aiming to cross 5 lakhs monthly active users soon. It is available on Android as well as iOS devices.

Indians have always been known as believers in the power of stars – be it for marriage, starting a new business, buying a new home, or choosing a career path. Astrology has been a part of the Indian tradition since ages. It helps to hold on to hope during uncertain times.

Astrology can indeed be a guiding force for people who believe in it because it doesn’t judge, it understands. 

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