Mystical And Divine Powers Of Ruby

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#Ruby gemstone is the gemstone of planet Sun. A ruby is an extremely beautiful, strong and precious stone. It is considered that the Ruby of the finest quality has a delicate rose color.

What are the Benefits of Ruby?

Ruby is supposed to be worn in 3rd Finger. A Ruby which is unblemished; that is, smooth in touch, clean, of good color and water, has luster, brilliance and radiance; blesses the wearer with children, wealth, property, & prosperity. The wearer is protected from fear, afflictions, sorrows, disasters and becomes fully strengthened. It also bestows the wearer with good fortune and a respected position in the society.

Who should wear Ruby?

Ruby is considered as a birthstone to #Leo (Simha) according to Indian Astrology.

Aries : As the sun is a good friend of mars, lord of Aries; Ruby is considered to be auspicious for people born into this sign. Ruby will enhance the chances of promotion in a government job for the wearer. They will also be blessed with children and become very intelligent. The benefits will multiply during the major period of the sun. 

Taurus : It is not advisable for the people born in this sign to wear this #gemstone; because the sun is the enemy of Venus which is the lord of Taurus. However it can be worn during the major period of the sun. As the sun rules the 4th house of this sign; wearing ruby can benefit a Taurus person in matters of mental peace; educational success, happiness, comfort and gains of land & property.

Gemini : Sun rules the 3 houses of Gemini. People belonging to this sign can wear ruby if the sun is positioned in its own sign. Wearing ruby during the major period of the Sun  will make the person courageous and successful in all ventures.

Cancer : Sun is the lord of the second house, the house of wealth. Also, the sun is the friend of the moon which is the lord of Cancer. If there is a loss or lack of wealth, wearing this gemstone will prove to be very helpful. The benefits will multiply if worn along with pearl, gemstone of moon, during the major period of the sun.

Leo : Ruby is considered the birthstone for Leo’s sign. It is a must for leos to wear ruby particularly; when the sun is not placed weak or in any way afflicted in the chart. Wearing Ruby will help leos to secure enormous benefits, good health, wealth, prosperity and success in business. 

Virgo : It is not advisable for the people from this sign to wear this gemstone. However, if the Sun is in its own sign in the 12th house of Virgo; then it can be worn along with Emerald, the planet of Virgo,during the major period of the sun. 

Libra : It is important to analyze the position of Venus as well as saturn; before considering wearing ruby by the people from this sign. Also, it can prove to be beneficial during the major period of the sun. Librans can wear ruby if there is loss of wealth or during any obstructions in acquisition of wealth. Wearers of this stone will become very wealthy; fortunate and also experience health as well as long life if the sun is in his own sign.

Scorpio : As the sun is a friend of mars and it owns the 10th house; which is the house of profession, wearing this gemstone; will bestow the people born into this sign with success, honours, promotions. If the sun is positioned in its house; the wearer will experience immense power and can even become a high dignitary. 

Sagittarius : Sun is very auspicious for Sagittarius; because it is the lord of the 9th house which is the house of fortune. Sun is also a friend of Jupiter; lord of this sign, and that is why this gemstone is very profitable to the people from this sign; particularly during the major period of the sun.

Capricorn : It is not advisable for people born into this sign; to wear ruby because it rules the 8th house of this sign which is the house of losses and accidents. Also, the Sun is an enemy of Saturn which is the lord of Capricorn.

Aquarius : According to Hindu Astrology, Saturn is the lord of Aquarius, is not a friend of Sun. Also, Sun rules over the 7th house of this sign; which is why it is not advisable for aquarians to wear this stone. Ruby can be worn when the Sun is positioned in the 7th house; during the major period of the sun only after consulting an experienced astrologer.

Pisces : People from this sign should wear this gemstone only if the Sun is placed in its own sign. Wearing this gem during the major period of Sun will ensure freedom from enemy, troubles, debts and diseases.

Which Ruby is considered inauspicious?

A blemished and defective ruby brings many troubles to the wearer. A dull ruby stone can cause distress in the wearer; while double colored stone can cause distress to native and father. Ruby stone with Red sign can cause quarrels and disputes. Smoky ruby stone attracts the attack of lightning whereas stone with four spots creates fear from wounds or weapons.

Ruby stone with dusty color causes stomach disorders and childlessness. White, black or honey color sprinklings on ruby stone; can lead to defame, less of longevity, wealth comforts in the wearer’s life. Depression on the stone causes ill health, loss in vitality & stamina. A ruby stone full of flaws may even bring death. It is considered as if the stone loses its color then the wearer may become victim of distress or disaster.

If it regains its color then it can be speculated that the trouble is averted. Also, the ruby is said to lose its color if; it is placed close to poisonous substances. Ruby or it’s substitutes should never be worn with Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Gomedha, Cat’s Eye and their substitutes.

What are the substitutes of Ruby?

As Ruby is known to be very expensive; people who cannot afford; it can use it’s substitutes such as Red Spined, Star Ruby, Pyrope Garnet, Red Zircon, Red Tourmaline.

Do let us know your experience with gemstones. If you want to know the right gemstone for you, consult an astrologer or download Taaraka app and let us guide you.

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