Mystical And Divine Powers Of Diamond

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Diamond gemstone is the stone of planet Venus. #Diamond (Hira) is widely known precious stone and is the hardest substance. 

What are the benefits of Diamond?

A colourless diamond with a hint of blue and red without any black dots is most auspicious. Diamond makes a person fearless gives him patience purity and good manners, protected from bad influences of evil spirits and any harm. The wearer of white diamond without any blemishes, earns great respect from others. Diamond with a slight red hue is beneficial and auspicious for political leaders and administrators. It helps the wearer to become brave and achieve great success in his/her career. The wearer of diamond with a yellow hue experiences success, prosperity, wealth, respect and all luxurious life. Diamond with black hue helps the wearer to become wise, successful and helpful towards others.

We say; that diamonds are considered; to be a woman’s best friend. It is true, Diamonds can be the worst enemy of a person. Let’s find out if a Diamond is your best friend or your enemy.

The diamond; is considered; as a #birthstone to #Taurus (Vrishabha) and #Libra (Tula) according to Indian Astrology.

Aries : It is not advisable for people belonging to this sign to wear a this #gemstone as mars, lord of this sign, is an enemy of Venus.

Taurus : Diamond; can be worn by this sign; for longevity and for success as well as progress in life. Combination of Diamond and Emerald; is very advantageous for this sign.

Gemini : As #Venus is a friend of Mercury, lord of this sign, wearing a this gemstone in the major period of venus will bless the wearer with children, happiness, intelligence, name, fame and good fortune. The benefits will multiply if worn along with Emerald.

Cancer : According to Hindu Astrology; this gemstone is not an auspicious; for the people belonging to this sign; because the lord of this sign moon; is the enemy of Venus, still if worn during major periods of Venus; it will prove to be fruitful.

Leo : According to Vedic Astrology; this gemstone is inauspicious; for the people belonging to this sign; but if, Venus is exalted in Pisces; a Diamond can help to overcome any setbacks in the professional area.

Virgo : Wearing Diamond in the major period of Venus will bring abundant wealth, birth of children, good fortune, fame and learning. The benefits multiply; if worn along with Emerald. This combination will ensure long life and success in all ventures throughout life.

Libra : As Venus is the lord of Libra, people belonging to this sign will experience tremendous benefits by wearing diamonds. It brings good health, long life, and success. This gemstone is a lifetime protective charm for Librans. 

Scorpio : As venus is not a friend of Mars, which is the lord of Scorpio, it is not advisable for people belonging to this sign to wear a diamond.

Sagittarius : According to the principles of Astrology, Venus is an enemy of Jupiter. It is not advisable; for people born into this sign to wear this gemstone. If Venus is in its own sign or exalted in Taurus, wearing this gemstone will bring financial gains. 

Capricorn : People from this sign; will experience all the benefits; after they wear this gemstone. Venus is an excellent planet for Capricorn. The wearer will do well in all aspects of their life.

Aquarius : Just like Capricorn, Venus is Yogakaraka & an excellent planet for Aquarius. They must wear a this gemstone; during the major period of Venus. The benefits multiply if diamond is worn with Blue Sapphire.

Pisces : As venus is an enemy of Jupiter, which is the lord of Pisces, it is not advisable for people belonging to this sign to wear a diamond.

Which Diamonds are considered inauspicious?

A defective and blemished Diamond causes great harm to the wearer. White Diamonds with a shape of the island destroys wealth and happiness. Other defects; disturb mental peace and bring disasters as well as diseases. A diamond with a shape of a drop of water; is inauspicious. If it has a red dot; or drop; it is the most inauspicious; one with white dot; is tolerable. If it has dots like claws of crow; then it brings death to its wearer; because the Black dots; are also very inauspicious. A diamond is not auspicious; if there is filth in the corners or in the middle. Never wear this gemstone with Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.

What are the substitutes of Diamond?

As we know Diamond; is very expensive; there are other gemstones; that can be used. White Sapphire; White Zircon; and White Tourmaline; can be used; as a substitute; Make sure their weight; is not less than 3 or 4 carats. The cheapest substitute is White Rock Crystal which should be worn if their weight is 11 carats.

Do let us know your experience with gemstones. If you want to know the right gemstone for you, consult an astrologer or download Taaraka app and let us guide you.

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