Mars Transit In Capricorn – 22nd March 2020


The red colored planet Mars will enter in his sign of exaltation (Capricorn) on 22nd March,2020 and will remain in this zodiac till May 4th, 2020.

Mars represents our younger siblings, courage, vitality, energy etc. Mars also signifies land, real estate, mining, surgery and engineering. As Saturn represents hardware engineering, similarly mars signifies software engineering.

Capricorn is the natural tenth house of a birth chart and represents career, promotion, administration, and leadership. When Mars transits Capricorn it shows the competition (Mars) regarding material gains(Capricorn). 

Let us see how the impact of this Mars Transit will affect your moon sign.

Aries Sign

This transit of Mars will add power and strength in your career. There will be natural support from friends & colleagues in your work. It is advised for you not to abuse power and be humble. Avoid using dictatorial tone.

Taurus Sign

This transit of Mars is a very good development which shows support from colleagues, friends, siblings and hence good movement ahead in career. Try to maintain good relationships with seniors, father and bosses. Take their advice, as their guidance will help you to get success and also improvement in your fortune.

Gemini Sign

You need to be careful with vehicles, adventure sports, using safety requirements etc. You will find yourself inclined towards alternative medicines like yoga and ayurveda. Your interest regarding Astrology and occult will increase. Things will be slow but will rejuvenate you for the next couple of years.

Cancer Sign

Mars is a yoga karaka planet for you and it will transit in your seventh house and will form Ruchaka Raj yoga. This will be a good time for cooperation rather than competition which was the case until now.

Leo Sign

Mars is a yoga karaka planet for you. Therefore this transit of Mars is about success over competition and victory over enemies. However, take care of your health and avoid spicy etc. food. You will also get support from your co-workers and your financial situation will also improve.

Virgo Sign

This transit of Mars will help you a lot with results and getting things done. Mars in the fifth house will certainly help. It allows you to create momentum. You will find yourself busy & will get gains from various sources.

Libra Sign

Although things will be slow for you, you will get time for home improvement during this transit & you will get rejuvenated. As this Mars will be in his sign of exaltation it will form a powerful Ruchaka raj yoga for you.

Scorpio Sign

Mars is the ruler of your moon sign. This Mars transit will help you a lot with moving things ahead. Creating much needed speed and momentum and breaking dullness. You will get success in your efforts and give strong performance on various fronts.

Sagittarius Sign

This transit of Mars adds to the income and gains and income from real estate and friends, colleagues and vehicles etc.  The planning and hard work you did from the past couple of months will give you incremental gains in this transit. This will also start some new income for you.

Capricorn Sign

There will be an increase in optimism & energy. You will see better health for yourself. You will get much needed momentum and create a good speed in getting things done. You will start working on the plan that you made last month.

Aquarius Sign

This transit of Mars recommends driving safely, checking vehicles on time, and avoiding physical adventures. A bit tough related to sports and adventures. You need to show and do more planning, study, adjustments and some flexibility. 

Pisces Sign

This transit of Mars shows an increase in income and gains and support from co workers. You will get an increase in your power and authority. You will get maximum gains from the work you did last year.

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