Importance of Spirituality In Astrology

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Astrology is the science of the world and beyond that uses the planetary positions in a person’s birth chart. It determines how and what experience they have in life and what is the destiny of the individual. It helps one understand his/her karma and how the fruits of their past karma will appear in this lifetime. The choices that one makes in a lifetime determine his/her karma. These have an influence in even the next lifetime. A field that is closely related to astrology, karma, and rebirth is spirituality.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the continuous process or journey of a soul. It goes on throughout the life of an individual and even after death, into another lifetime until they become one with nature and God. It is through this spirituality that a person can purify his/her mind. 

Many people refer to astrology as a part of spiritual science. We cannot clearly determine if spirituality is a part of astrology or vice versa. It can be said that they are both intertwined at a very deep, metaphysical level. While astrology talks about certain predetermined things in our lifetime, spirituality is actually the journey of finding our true selves.

As living beings, the main aim of our soul is to merge with The Supreme power. This is called ‘moksha’. But, it is not so easy to reach there. Our soul undergoes many life and death cycles to attain moksha. Our astrological birth chart is like a report card that tells us the spiritual progress that our soul has undergone.

Are You A Spiritual Person?

Have you ever wondered why some people are more spiritually inclined whereas, there are some who have absolutely no interest or nothing to do with going beyond the conscious realm of their existence? Why is there a difference in the way people believe and perceive spirituality? Is it just their thinking or something more? Well, this directly associated with your birth chart.

Our birth chart has some ‘yogas’ that make an individual inclined towards spirituality. While most astrological practitioners will tell you that two planets– Jupiter and Ketu, determine how spiritually inclined one is and are the normal signifiers of it. But, it is not completely true. Yes, the role that Jupiter or Guru plays in spirituality is paramount and in a spiritual person, it completely dominates the chart. It rules religion, spirituality, and philosophy and is the determinant of the good deeds done in past births. But, when looking at an individual’s spiritual inclination and path, all the nine planets need to be looked at.

How Does A Birth Chart Help To Determine An Individual’s Spiritual Inclination? 

There are some combinations and placement of planets that create the ‘yoga’ for spirituality. The placement and combinations of the lords of the 5th, 8th, and 12th houses are studied along with the placement of planets in the 5th, 8th and 12th houses. The placement and combination of Jupiter and Ketu with other planets is also considered.

Another ‘yoga’ that makes one inclined towards spirituality, in different degrees, is the ‘Sanyasi Yoga’. A person is said to have this yoga and become a sanyasi or renunciate the world if there are four or more planets in a single house. These planets must be placed in a friendly manner among each other and must not be too closely placed to the sun. If a planet is very close or combusts to the Sun, the individual will be deeply interested in spirituality but will not renunciate the world to become a sanyasi.

The placement of a strong Sun in an individual’s chart indicates that he/she will do well in spirituality and its practices, especially those that need self-discipline. Having a strong moon also makes the native a religious person. Those with a strong Saturn practice selfless service. This is tested during the Shani Sade Sati. It comes in most people’s lives for a period of 7 and a half years. Those with a strong Venus, have the inherent will to serve God, use music and dance for their devotion towards God. Ketu can make an individual detached from worldly pleasures and move towards spirituality. The conjunction of Venus and Ketu is also a strong indicator of spirituality.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the link between astrology and spirituality. No matter what you think about spirituality, always remember that your soul is on its spiritual path.

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