How Do Zodiac Signs Affect Our Personality?

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Zodiac signs, also known as astrological signs, are determined with reference to the position of the Sun and the sign of the planet positioned with the Sun in regards to time, date, and place of the birth which forms the ascendant to be placed in the first followed by remaining, and is also called Sun sign. Hence, zodiac signs reflect an individuality as a whole and affect the behavioral patterns. Similarly, qualities determined to prove to be right and chirpy most of the time. Planetary periods and movements of the Sun along certain zodiac territories determine individual behavior and life pattern. 

Individual traits and zodiac signs are formed by the rising planet, in east direction, and corresponding sign respectively known as the ascendant. This differs from person to person. How an individual personality is perceived by strangers differs from how they are perceived by peer groups.

Various existing astrological stars, signs, and planetary bodies are capable of contributing yet influencing one’s personality. One might fall or cut across two periods or signs, planets, Sun, rising sun and seasons, all these influences a personality in many ways. Despite sun signs shouting out the true identity.

With millions of human entities, resembling the respective zodiac sign traits exactly is partially possible. Hence, births tend to mark cut wandering across different zodiac signs and thus possessing differing traits. Also, for an individual born at the tail or beginning of a zodiac period, adjacent or following zodiac periods contribute to building that personality. 

Affects in behavior are when the Sun moves across different astrological stars. The Sun identifies the zodiac signs along with the other planetary bodies laying at a peculiar space during a particular time round the clock. Where the Sun determines ‘shiny’ attributes, Jupiter talks about abundance. Hence, the qualities of the Sun and other planets together invade the time, date, and place of the birth and form the personalities and behaviors. 

In Vedic astrology, Ascendant is a very important point and horoscope is made from ascendant to ascertain various aspects of life and native’s personality. However, the concent of Sudarshan Chakra, which is a special chart prepared based on Ascendant, Sun and Moon have special importance, which is a very unique feature of Vedic Astrology. This special chart encompasses all kinds of astrological techniques including western and other Sun and Moon-based astrology. Stay tuned to know more about Sudharshan Chakra, which will follow in a future blog.

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