Gender and Birth time of Child

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As one would know that Vedic Astrology is an ancient science that presents the uniqueness of a native through their respective natal chart (horoscope). As an ancient science, no doubt the calculations used to draw a natal chart are purely scientific. The mathematics is flawless. It is an alignment of planets and the ascendent (a calculation indicating the starting point of the natal chart) that aids accuracy in prediction using horoscope.

With the accurate birth-time, one is able to even calculate the Vimshottari Dasha of the native. Then predict events of their life such as: longevity, education, career, marriage and the entire set of events that is likely to occur in the native’s life. How exciting! Isn’t? Imagine, all that one has to provide the following inputs: date of birth, place of birth and accurate time of birth. The first two inputs are simple and straightforward for most people. But may not be the last one. Why? Even today, many aren’t sure of their accurate time of #birth. They seek the services of expert astrologers to help them solve this mystery. But the level of individual satisfaction is yet to be fathomed!

One reason which is assigned to the problems of an inappropriate recording of birth time, is that the parents of the native were in the celebration mode and forgot to record the exact time of birth. :)….. Joking……. 

Despite genuine efforts, even today, recording accurate time of the birth of a new-born comes with many flaws. Like a difference of few minutes can thwart the purpose of this ancient science. 

Though there are many reasons assigned to it, the million-dollar question, can the time of birth, be rectified? Then answer is an emphatic YES!

No doubt, a standard practice to rectify the #birth time is to check the position of the Ascendant, Moon sign, Pada of #Nakshatra (1 to 4), the Mahadasha (Main Period) and Antardasha (Sub-period), Divisional charts of the native and match the same with the real life events of the native querent. 

The above approach is certainly standard, but yes it is INCOMPLETE! Why? When the question is posted as Why? Then please carry out a simple exercise in your natal chart. Kindly advance or reduce the time of birth by 4 to 5 mins. Verify if the position of the ascendant, moon and the position of the remaining planets with the original natal chart. Do you see any change in their positions? If no, then why is the accuracy of time is so emphasized and underlined with minutely. Especially when professed that Astrology is an ancient science and even slight change in birth time changes the life path of an individual. 

If astrology is a science then shouldn’t a slight tinkering of time should change your fate? Though nothing significant is changing in the natal chart. It is here that we believe the above exercise is INCOMPLETE. Hence we at Taaraka offer our expertise uniquely. 


When we talk about rectifying the time of birth, the purpose of TIME should be clearly understood in astrological parlance. And that is to identify the SEX of the new Born. 

No doubt, all other features of astrological event prediction techniques such as longevity, health, education, marriage, progeny, etc.comes secondary.    

In fact, this is one of the pure reasons which states that Astrology is a Science. Actually, the importance of TIME OF BIRTH draws parallel to Medical astrology pinpointing the Gender/Sex of the native querent. Also, it is here that the mistake of a few minutes in recording the exact time of birth can lead to flawed prediction.  

Imagine a situation where the native querent is a Female gender and her Natal Chart has recorded a time indicating Male Chart. Can minute events such as education, career or even marriage be predicted without rectifying her time of Birth? Only a divine providence can help, that too after rectifying her time of birth. 

Hence, during ancient times, the time of birth was ear-marked in the form of Ghati (2 ½ ghats is one hour). Based on Ghati’s calculation, gender of a child born at a particular time is known. It is mentioned by ancient sages that at a particular time or celestial position of planets, either a male or a female child could take birth and not both. This calculation was carried out to exactly indicate the gender of the new-born. When this is missing, the entire meaning in the natal chart is repudiated. 

In modern-day as the time of birth is recorded and used in the western form (hr:min:sec) the true sense of astrological calculation is missing. It is this gap of the expert knowledge that we fill at Taaraka, where the Astrology uses the latest technology of Artificial intelligence and machine learning to calculate and create birth charts and other astrological details and provide the user with personalised life insights.

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