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Virgo, belonging to earth element; is the most careful sign of the zodiac wheel. They are very detail oriented and analytical. People born into this perfectionist sign have a very practical and systematic approach towards life. That’s why sometimes; they tend to become over critical of themselves as well as others. 

Virgo rules the abdomen – especially pancreas and intestines. As the intestines and pancreas function together and contribute to the process of digestion, Virgos tend to function on collective effort. They are excellent team players. Moreover Mercury, being the lord of this sign, rules over the nervous system & controls the links between brain and other functions of the body.

This information oriented sign; has a tendency to worry so much; that gets reflected in a physical ailment. Virgos tend to internalize their undue anxiety and hence they suffer from digestive as well as intestinal issues such as gas pains, gastritis, liver diseases, indigestion, slow metabolism, stomach upsets, colitis, constipation and bowel related health conditions. They are the most health conscious out of all the signs.

Eating Habits :

Virgos are very fussy eaters & prefer neat, clean as well as healthy food. They are very conscious about what they eat and like to cook nutritious food. They enjoy snacks; as they prefer to eat small meals rather than one large meal. Virgos usually follow their diet religiously without succumbing to the temptations. One great quality about virgos; is that they don’t like to waste their food.

Food for Virgos :  

Potassium sulphate is biochemical cell salt for this Virgos. Potassium Sulphate is extremely good for circulation of oils that help in digestion and kidney function throughout our body. This mineral is also very important; for excretion of toxins from our system; & keeps the skin pores clear. Deficiency of potassium causes issues like fatigue, constipation, cough, sinusitis, as well as skin problems such as eczema, flaky skin, acne, hair loss & dandruff.

What to eat :

Their diets should include leafy green vegetables, whole wheat food items, onions (pyaaz), lemons (nimbu), oats, almonds (badam), brussel sprouts, cheese, tomatoes (tamatar), cottage cheese (paneer), yogurt & cucumbers (kheera). They should also consume; fruits like Melons, mangoes, oranges, bananas, apples and pears to avoid skin problems.

Foods like avocados, eggs & sea food that are food in Omega fats are beneficial for their health. Consume Chamomile tea frequently because it soothes the digestive system. 

What not to eat :

Virgos love chocolates; but excessive intake of chocolate can cause skin as well as digestion problems. Spicy, hot and heavy foods; are also not good for their digestion. They must include clean, simple and fresh food in their diet.

Virgos should consult physician; before consuming medicines; because drugs; because their bodies do not tolerate medicines. Dairy products don’t go well with virgos; as they are heavy to digest. It is advice to consume honey in the diet as a sweetener instead of sugar. Also, reduce intake of junk & over processed food. 

As virgos are conscious about their physical health, maintaining proper diet & eating healthy food is not a big deal. For inner health, it is important for them to control their anxiety. With proper relaxation techniques, yoga and meditation, #virgos can enjoy good health throughout their lives.

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