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Scorpio, being a water sign, experiences intense passion and emotions. They are loving, romantic, reliable, & loyal. People born into this ‘mysterious’ zodiac sign are great secret keepers and very good at hiding their own feelings. Scorpios seek long term friendships and bonds as they crave for love and security. They have a heat of gold which craves lifelong commitment.

Scorpio rules the reproductive system which represents their belief that there is nothing above and beyond love. As they are ruled by mars, the planet of passion & pleasure, scorpios are very intense & sensual.

Scorpios are prone to infections of reproductive organs. They are vulnerable to ailments; such as sexually transmitted diseases, cystitis, urinary tract infections, venereal infections, urethritis, haemorrhoids, & other disorders of reproductive system. Scorpios mostly suffer from nervousness and anxiety; that further transcend into ill health and diseases.

Eating Habit :

Scorpios are always hungry and love high calorie food. Their refrigerators are stuffed with spicy and delicious food all the time. For them, the taste of the #food is everything. They cannot pretend to like something if it is not cooked according to their preference.

They are drawn to strong flavours and aromas. When it comes to diet, scorpios stick to it even if the whole world turns upside down. This all-or-nothing sign can adhere even to the most sacrificial diet. It is easier for scorpio to maintain or lose weight because of this trait.

Food for Scorpios : 

The biochemical cell salt for the sign of #scorpio is calcium sulphate. This mineral helps to repair damaged tissues in the body; and also assists, in the creation of new healthy ones. It facilitates effective release of toxins from the body.

Deficiency in this mineral; causes various issues such as; skin infections, pus, acne, boils, ulcers, cold, sinusitis, & sinusitis. It aids in the healthy functioning of reproductive organs, intestinal pathways, nose, mouth, skin and oesophagus.

What to eat :

Foods rich in calcium sulphate are cauliflower (gobhi), avocados, carrots (gajar), coconuts, tomatoes, onions, zucchinis, parsley, nuts, olives (olives), apples, pears (rahila), watermelons, grape (angoor), figs (anjeer), black cherries, cranberries & blueberries.

They should consume foods; rich in calcium such as milk, cottage cheese (paneer), yogurt, cheese for the good health of their bones and teeth. Including high protein food items in the diet is a must. Moreover, seafood such as fish, snails & oysters are also beneficial for socrpio’s health.

What not to eat :

Alcohol is dangerous for scorpio’s looks; as well as skin and that is why it should be avoided at all costs. They must eat their meals slowly in order to feel full otherwise they might overeat which can affect their health.

Moreover, they must not eat large meals at once, especially during night. They should also stay away from excessive consumption of sugar as well; and try to enjoy the real taste of the food.

Scorpios are usually very active, cheerful & energetic. They really enjoy open spaces and natural air. Being a water sign, they are extremely good at self-healing. With proper diet, skin care and yoga, scorpios can enjoy a healthy life.

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