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Pisces, being a water sign, are extremely empathetic and gentle in nature. They are generous as well as patient people with a deep sense of compassion for everyone. They have a unique ability to sense what other people need or want and hence they are socially popular. Pisces folks are very creative and artistic with extremely good intuitive skills.

Pisces rule over the toes and the feets. The ruling body parts signify the free spirit of pisces. Feets and toes help in movement and mobility. They are independent dreamers and in continuous search of extending their mental as well as physical boundaries.

Pisces usually have a tender body construction and this affects their health. They are more prone to ailments related to legs and toes such as corn, bunions and toe bone spurs. They are also easily susceptible to cold, sinuses and flu. #Pisces are vulnerable to overindulgences and addictions and that’s why they need to stay away from alcohol. Moreover, pisces people are extremely sensitive and hence they tend to suffer from illnesses that are emotionally based.

Eating Habits :

Pisces are very picky when it comes to #food. They have a log list of items which they can’t eat. Pisces love simple and home cooked food. They have the tendency to develop extreme likeness or dislikeness towards a particular food item.

Moreover, they are fully aware about their preferences and tastes. They have a sweet tooth as they are fond of all sweet dishes. Usually, Pisces people do not prefer meat. These fussy eaters can be pleased only with naturally seasoned food.

Food For Pisces :  

The biochemical cell salt for pisces is Ferrous Phosphate, i.e Iron. This mineral helps in transporting oxygen throughout the system of the body. It supports the circulation, purification and stimulation of internal organs.

Moreover, it is very helpful in treating fevers and illnesses during the acute stages. Deficiency of Ferrous Phosphate may cause anemia, fatigue abnormal haemorrhage, & unusual bleeding. 

What to eat :

They need to eat food rich in such as wheat, cereals, brown rice, steamed vegetables, oats, spinach, onions, berries, grapes, raisins, potatoes, bananas, plum, apricots, beans, dates, oranges, lemons, apples, peaches, lettuce, lentils, beet, sweet potatoes barley ,eggplant, honey, pears and natural sugars. They must include egg yolk and seafood in regular diet.

What not to eat :

Pisces should cut down on coffee as it causes overstimulation. They are passionate about alcohol and tend to overindulge in it which is harmful for their health. That is why they need to keep a check on it. Also, excessive consumption of salt needs to be avoided. 

With proper balanced diet and exercise, Pisces can maintain a good and healthy life.

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