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Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libras have the ability to resolve conflicts and disagreements by turning on their charm. This air sign symbolized by scales is in constant search of balance and harmony in every aspect of their lives, especially interpersonal relationships. Libra folks are people-pleasers as they have a constant desire to feel accepted. 

Libra rules kidneys, lower back & buttocks. This sign is known as the “mediator” of the zodiac wheel. As the ruling body parts perform the function of keeping internal as well as external balance in the body, Librans are all about maintaining balance and harmony in their lives.

When libras overexert themselves, they tend to suffer from lower back problems. They are also vulnerable to kidney related issues such as kidney stones or nephrites. Libras are also susceptible to skin problems as they tend to have sensitive skin.  

Eating Habit :

Libras are more interested in the appearance and flavor of the food rather than the nutritional value. Their dining tables are always decorated with fresh fruits and flowers. Libras do not prefer strong flavored food, instead they love delicately seasoned food with subtle delicious flavors. They are usually more conscious about their weight and consume fruits as well as vegetables without much hesitation. Libras love sweets and sugary treats but they must remember that it can affect their health in the long term.

Food for Libra : 

The biochemical cell salt for the sign of #Libra is sodium phosphate. This mineral regulates the acid-alkaline balance in the body. It also helps in removing the toxins and keeping our systems clean. Eating food rich in sodium phosphate will help in managing health problems like acidity, indigestion, heartburn, gas, upset stomach & acid reflux. It maintains nutritional value of the food in the body by absorbing fats and other nutrients from the #food. It also assists in dealing with inflammation, swelling of the joints, stiffness and other rheumatic problems. Sodium phosphate also soothes and calms the mind and helps in regulating mood swings.

What to eat :

Libra folks must eat foods that support their nervous system & prevent extreme mood swings. It is very beneficial for them to consume foods rich in sodium phosphate such as green sprouts, peas, corn, carrots, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, beetroot, radishes, tomatoes, oats, brown rice, wheats, berries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, apples, fruit juices, lemon juice, bananas, raisins & almonds. They should consume high protein food that is low in fats.  Eating seafood and eggs is very good for their health. They must drink a lot of fluids to keep their body clean and toxins free. 

What not to eat :

They must stay away from alcohol and carbonated drinks as they are very bad for their kidneys. Libras should avoid excessive intake of dairy as well as acid producing products. Intake of sugar and yeasty foods should be reduced. 

Libras should remember three important things for a healthy life – Get good sleep, maintain a balanced diet and avoid alcohol.

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