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Leo belongs to the element of fire that is extremely passionate about life. They are known to be born leaders, loyal, creative, generous, warm-hearted & larger than life. People born into this sign have the ability to unite people together & lead them. Their good communication skills and sense of humor makes it easy for them to connect with people instantly. 

This majestic sign rules spine, back and heart. The heart symbolises feelings & emotions whereas spine symbolizes bravery & courage. As a ruler of heart, Leos are known to be extremely passionate and full of life. They fight for what they love. Moreover, a strong back represents their innate quality of leading, communicating and keeping everything in order independently.

Leos suffer from problems related to neck and shoulder. Also, they are vulnerable to pain around the heart and need to supervise that area frequently as there is a risk of developing related conditions. They tend to take any hurt or disappointment straight to their hearts & that is why overstressed Leos can experience heart attacks later in their lives. It is very important for this sign to relax and take life as it comes.

Eating Habits :

Leos prefer fancy dishes at expensive and luxurious restaurants. They tend to have a big appetite for food and usually stick to one large meal per day. Leo folks enjoy their meals when they have a good company. Though they are not fond of cooking, Leos love to express their emotions by cooking food for their loved ones. Being such a flamboyant sign, Leos eat their meals like a king.

Food for Leos :  

Magnesium salt is the Biochemical cell salt for the #Leo sign. It helps to maintain the health of the heart and all the muscles of the body. Considered to be good for healthy nerve tissue and nerve transmission. Deficiency of Magnesium Phosphate can cause spasms and nerve pain  in the body. Consuming foods that are rich in this mineral can help Leo to deal with muscle pains and spasms, cramps, jaw stiffness, hiccups, muscle twitching, heart palpitations, nervous as well as neurological issues.

What to eat :

As they belong to the fire element, leos are full of energy and  to maintain the energy levels they need to consume #foods which are high in carbohydrates. They must include oats, peas (matar), whole grains, rice, root vegetables, green vegetables, sprouts, coconut (nariyal), almonds (badam), eggs & fish. They should also include citrus fruits in their diet. Leos mostly suffer from heart issues and therefore foods which are healthy for the heart should be consumed on a regular basis. Moreover, goat’s milk is beneficial to leo’s health as it is high in proteins.

What not to eat :

Leo should avoid fatty food as it can cause damage to their heart. Reduce intake of spicy and hot food. Avoid consumption of excessive meat and dairy products. Include Gluten-free food in the diet. Leos should avoid a sedentary life as it can cause problems in their circulatory system.

Leos mostly enjoy good health during adulthood but start facing health issues as they age. They need to slow down and keep themselves calm with the help of yoga and breathing exercises. Fresh air, a good run and a well maintained diet is enough for leo to lead a peaceful and healthy life.

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