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Gemini is an air sign and is believed that air signs are all about ideas, action & motion. Geminis are highly creative, curious, and love solving complex problems simultaneously. They have an ability to instantly connect with others and start communication about anything under the sun. This breezy sign loves freedom; and cannot be tamed by anybody; or anything. People born in this airy sign get stimulated easily. They often get; emotionally imbalanced & overwhelmed. 

Gemini rules the nervous system including fingers, hands, arms, shoulders & lungs. As arms and hands; are used to carry out multiple functions; and activities simultaneously; geminis tend to be great at multitasking. If geminis are not keeping busy, the nerves of their brain can lead to panic or anxiety attacks and can also cause breathlessness or other respiratory issues.

Geminis are more likely to suffer from respiratory infections, asthma & bronchitis. As Gemini also rules the nerves, they are more prone to anxiety and nervousness. The ruling planet Mercury is associated with respiration, brain and nervous system. This is why their state of mind has a major impact on their health. It is important for gemini people to give rest to their overstimulated brains in order to stay fit and healthy.

Eating habit :

Geminis are always in a hurry and that’s why they often skip their meals. They are not bothered about their food. Instead, they tend to focus more on good company and interesting conversations while eating. They usually eat in very small proportions and prefer snacks as well as appetisers over heavy meals. They also love eating salads and tend to drink plenty of water. Geminis are social eaters and they want their meals to look attractive. Generally they eat while talking, working, reading, or watching tv and hence they don’t keep a track of what they are eating.

Food for Gemini :

The Biochemical cell salt for #Gemini is Potassium Chloride. It helps in the creation and regulation of fibrin, a clot former agent, in the body. Consuming foods rich in this mineral can help to deal with all inflammatory conditions such as colds, coughs, bronchitis, asthma as well as acne. It also helps in relieving any swelling in eyes or nose due to sinus, throat issues or headache. Deficiency of potassium chloride causes more blood clots and issues related to blood circulation.

What to eat :

Geminis should include foods that are rich in potassium chloride such as beans (phaliyaan), asparagus (shatavari), tomatoes (tamatar), spinach (palak), carrots (gajar), corn (makka), beetroot (chukandar), broccoli, cauliflower (gobhi), celery, green vegetables, garlic, and ginger. They should consume orange – colored foods like grapefruits (chakotara), oranges & apricots (khubanee) as they are really important in decongestion and prevention of mucus in the lungs. Also, for better functioning of nerves, they should include almonds (badam), apples, raisins (kishmish), and seafood, especially fish in their diet.

What not to eat :

Gemini folks should strictly avoid foods that over stimulate their brains. That is why they must minimize the intake of coffee as well as aerated drinks. Drinking green and herbal tea can soothe their nerves helping them to feel more relaxed & calm. As geminis are multitaskers, they tend to eat junk food. It is extremely bad for their health because they need a proper diet so that they can have good energy level throughout the day. Also, they need to concentrate on their meals while eating to avoid overeating. It is beneficial for them to eat mini meals rather than consuming large meals at once. Geminis should also avoid yeasty food and refined sugar.

Geminis can enjoy a very healthy life if they organize their diet properly and practice meditation or any related relaxation techniques.

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