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Cancer, being a water sign, is extremely emotional and sensitive. Cancerians have a very strong sense of intuition & can sniff out your secrets. They are known to be pretty intense as well as empathetic and that’s why they have the ability to understand what’s going on with other people. If their emotional needs are not met, they can get extremely moody.

Cancer rules over chest, breast, diaphragm, stomach & digestion. Because these parts are responsible for the nourishment of our body, cancer is called the ‘nurturer’ of the zodiac. People born into this peacekeeping sign are very caring, gentle, nurturing & kind souls who like to stay in their zone of familiarity.

Cancerians are more likely to fall sick due to tension, emotional stress, & anxiety. They tend to gain abnormal weight in later years due to overconsumption of comfort foods such as chocolates, icecreams, french fries etc.

They have a delicate digestive system and hence they are susceptible to stomach related problems such as gas pains, stomach upsets, ulcers & other gastrointestinal issues. Cancerians are also vulnerable to acid reflux, bladder or urinary tract infections & respiratory infections.

Eating habit : 

Cancers are attracted to comfort foods which are not good for their health. They love alcohol as well as sugar but it is the worst thing for their stomach.

They are more likely to develop digestive problems and gallstones. Mostly like to eat home made food rather than going to a restaurant or cafe. Cancerians gulp down their whole meal if they sense someone eyeing their food. Moreover, they indulge in emotional eating which leads to weight gain as well as lethargy. 

Food for Cancers : 

The biochemical cell salt for #Cancer is calcium fluoride. This mineral is responsible for tissue elasticity. It offers healing support for tissues by uniting albumen and oil in the body’s system. Eating food rich in calcium fluoride will help in managing health problems like muscle weakness, varicose veins, decaying teeth, tooth enamel deficiency, eye problems, hardened glands, dry skin, swellings, stiff or achy joints and issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

What to eat :

It is very beneficial for cancerians to consume foods that are rich in calcium fluoride such as steamed vegetables, cabbage (patta gobhi), beetroots (chukandar), broccoli, cauliflower (gobhi), cucumbers (kheera), tomatoes, yogurt, beans (phaliyaan), wheat, whole-grain rye, rice, oats, natural sugars, pumpkins (kaddo), garlic, pineapple, bananas, eggs & seafood, especially oysters. They should also include okra (bhindi) in their diet as it reduces stomach inflammations. Hibiscus is also a good option to decrease digestion problems. The intake of fruit juices & milkshakes can help cancer folks in regulating their moods and calming their racing minds. 

What not to eat :

Cancerians should avoid excessive sugar intake as it causes constipation and weight gain. They also need to reduce consumption of too much salt as it leads to bloating and prevents normal fluid’s circulation. To keep acidity and heartburn at bay, they must reduce the consumption of hot and spicy food. They should strictly avoid alcohol as it may irritate the stomach and disturb the digestive system. Cancer folk must ensure proper functioning of the stomach as it is very important for maintaining their overall #health.

Cancerians are happiest & healthiest when they stick to a proper #diet because they are literally what they eat.

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