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Aries is said to be the first fire sign of the zodiac. People born into this ‘fast and furious’ sign are always high on energy. Aries folk are born leaders, energetic, courageous, outspoken & bold. They always stand up for themselves and voice their opinions strongly. They believe in taking risks in life. It is very difficult to win an argument with them as they are masters in convincing people and leading the conversation.

Aries rules the head, face, outer ears, the nose and skin on the face as well as on the head. As the head is associated with thinking and perception, Aries people are fast thinkers & problem solvers. They are mostly sharp and always tend to think rationally.

Aries people are more liable to suffer from headaches, including migraines, head congestion, sinus conditions, heartburns and acne issues. Many #Aries experience hammering or throbbing headaches when they get angry. This leads their blood pressure levels to shoot up. That is why older Aries people are more prone to high blood pressure and they should keep a tab on this condition. Aries people should also keep stress under control because it can lead to awful headaches or migraine attacks.

Eating habit :

Aries like to eat very fast. They are always in a hurry and that is why they prefer eating junk and microwavable food. They do not like to waste their time on long meals. Aries being a fire sign loves hot and spicy food which is very bad for their health as it causes acidity. Aries people are impatient when they’re hungry so they just wolf down their food. Moreover, People born into this sign are a great fan of beverages. They just cannot function without tea or coffee! This again is not good for their health & can have a negative impact on their digestive system. It is extremely important for Aries people to eat slow and clean for a healthy body and mind.

Food for Aries

It is said that the Biochemical cell salt for the sign of Aries is potassium phosphate. Potassium Phosphate is an excellent brain food which helps to maintain balance of the chemicals as well as the nerves in the brain. Usually, lack of this cell salt can cause depression in people born into this sign and therefore foods rich in potassium Phosphate are beneficial for Aries people.

What to eat :

Aries people should eat foods rich in this mineral and therefore it is beneficial for them to include tomatoes (tamatar), beans (phaliyan), brown rice, lentils (masoor), walnuts (akhrot), olives (jaitoon), onions (pyaaz), lettuce, parsley (ajamod) , cauliflower (gobhi), cucumber (kheera) , spinach (palak), broccoli, watermelon, figs (anjeer), bananas, dried uncooked apricots (khubanee), zucchini (turee), pumpkin (kaddo) in their diet. They should also try to include dairy products in their diet as they are really good for teeth and bones.

What not to eat :

Aries people should strictly avoid foods that contain a lot of salt. The one thing they should completely discard from their lives is Liquor as it can cause serious health issues. Too much salt damages bones and arteries whereas alcohol overstimulates and reacts negatively on the kidneys. They should also avoid hot and spicy food as it can cause hyperacidity. 

Fire signs, naturally, have the capacity to fight diseases easily. So, With proper diet and relaxation techniques, Aries people can maintain a good and active lifestyle.

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