Astrology is a Science!

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This is an age old debate which is still going on and seems to take a little longer to reach a universal conclusion. People have experienced the astrological effect but they can not digest using mind bent due to modern education. This is due to unavailability of empirical data to satisfy the logical mind. Ms. Nita asked an astrologer in 2015 about her marriage, who after doing calculations based on her birth details provides her an answer that she will get married in June 2018. Nita never understood or believed completely as how June 2018 appeared from a calculation. When she got married in June 2018, Nita started believing it to be true but never able to defend the astrology in front of friends, as she had no data to prove her point but just her individual experience.

The modern day dilemma “Astrology – Myth or Science”

In the current world there are so many people having individual experiences and believe in astrology, but they can’t justify due to lack of data. Taaraka took the initiative to collate the data based on analytics to see through collective impact of an astrological rules. There are so many rules in astrology like chemistry and there are exceptions too, which at times are overlooked by an experienced astrologer and the prediction goes wrong. Applying astrological rules are like doing a chemistry experiment and if one changes any ingredient or its concentration, the result will go haywire.

Taaraka has provided life insights to people using Machine learning and Artificial intelligence based on the details provided by the user. Taaraka provided users with options to Like/Dislike or Agree/Disagree any insight, which resulted in remarkably good results. Taaraka users agreed with around 73% insights and disagreed with 27% insights and for Like/Dislike category Taaraka users liked 78% insights, wherein total data collected was fifty thousand and seven hundred (50,700).

Taaraka will continue providing life insights to the user and validate the rules of astrology. Taaraka is empowered with machine learning and Artificial intelligence to provide customised daily insights and based on the feedback of the user, enhances accuracy of the insights and prepare the astrology for the test of scientific rigour.

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